Invisalign and Traditional Orthodontics

Adults who want straighter teeth are usually not open to the idea of wearing metal braces to accomplish their goals. Fortunately, the materials available to us have advanced to the point where adults who want straighter teeth are no longer limited to only metal brackets and wires.

Our dentists want you to have choices, so we're pleased to offer both Invisalign and traditional orthodontics for our Madison, AL patients. If your teeth are crooked, crowded, or overlapped, or you have problems with your bite, our dentists will tailor your treatment plan to help you get the straight, healthy smile you've always wanted.

Why Patients Choose Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign clear aligners are incredibly convenient because you can remove them to brush, floss, and enjoy your favorite foods. No one will notice you're wearing Invisalign because the trays are crystal clear, and your treatment can remain our little secret. Since the aligners are made of smooth plastic, they won't irritate the inside of your mouth.

Invisalign is perfect for adults and teens who want a straighter smile without metal braces, but they correct many of the same alignment problems as traditional orthodontics:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Overlapped teeth
  • Gapped teeth

You'll also find that straight, even teeth are easier to brush and floss, and you can do a better job of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Aligning teeth may also help prevent unnecessary wear from teeth grinding by addressing issues like overbites, underbites, and crossbites

How Invisalign Clear Braces Work

The first step is a comprehensive Invisalign evaluation with Dr. Gibson who will take impressions and x-rays of your teeth and jaws and pictures of your teeth. Using Invisalign software, he creates a 3-D simulated model that helps him plan your treatment by mapping out how your teeth will move into the desired position. 

We send your treatment plan to an Invisalign lab that customizes a series of clear aligner trays. You'll wear each set for one to two weeks before progressing to the next set, and as you do, your teeth move closer to the desired, final position.

The Key to Success with Invisalign

Treatment times with Invisalign are similar to those for traditional orthodontics, but compliance is the key to success. You need to wear your aligners for 22 hours a day, as our dentists recommend. It can be tempting to leave your aligners out for longer periods, but doing so will only extend your treatment time. 

Traditional Orthodontic Treatment

We like to see children for an orthodontic evaluation starting around age seven. At this age, kids have their first permanent molar, and its position helps our dentist predict their future treatment needs. 

Your child may not need braces at this age but might benefit from interceptive treatment like space maintainers or palatal expanders that create room in the jaw for the rest of their permanent teeth to emerge in a straight position. In some cases, this early treatment eliminates the need for braces in the future or at least reduces the treatment time. 

If your older child or teen does need braces, they'll be happy to know that we also offer clear ceramic brackets as an alternative to metal, for a more discreet appearance

Is a Straighter Smile in Your Future?

If you're an adult who never had their teeth straightened, or who did and their teeth have since relapsed, Dr. Gibson would love to meet with you! Please call us to learn more about Invisalign and traditional orthodontics available at our Madison dental office.