Family Dentistry in Madison, AL

As a family dentist in Madison, AL, our goal is to help our valued patients appreciate the benefits of a problem-free smile, and we are happy to welcome patients of all ages!

To help you achieve your healthiest, most beautiful smile, we offer a comprehensive range of dental services, including teeth cleanings, checkups, cavity prevention, and many treatments.

We are strong advocates for all your oral health needs. So, when you become our patient, you will receive all the care, support, and treatment you need to achieve your healthiest smile.

If you would like to arrange an individual exam or appointment for family members, we encourage you to contact our Madison, AL dentist office today. In the meantime, read through the information below to learn more about our general and preventive services and approach to patient care.

A family sitting outside laughing and smilingWhy Choose a General Dentist for Your Family?

Dr. McKenna has the skill, expertise, and experience to oversee all aspects of your oral health care. They are pleased to welcome patients of all ages to our extended dental family, from the smallest smiles in your family to seniors with age-specific concerns.

At Gibson Dental, we believe in doing things right the first time and providing our patients with the highest standard of dentistry. You'll receive your treatment from genuine, caring people in a warm and welcoming environment.

As our dentists get to know you, they will build your dental history and become familiar with your needs so that if you have a problem or concern, you'll know you can trust us to provide the appropriate treatment and advice.

As a family dental practice in Madison, we all concentrate on prevention. This means providing regular checkups and teeth cleanings—usually twice each year—to save you time and money on future dental care. And as family dentists, we always look out for your best interests, to provide you and your family healthy smiles for life.

Our skilled dentists also offer advanced treatments for patients and families, including:

Additionally, we are always here for our patients to share advice, answer questions, or help educate family members about their oral health.

Family Dentistry for All Your Oral Health Needs

Comprehensive family dentistry at our Madison dental office makes it easy to receive all the treatments you need in one familiar, comfortable location.

  • Dental exams
  • Teeth cleanings
  • Digital x-rays
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Emergency dentistry
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Root canals
  • Tooth extractions
  • Tooth replacement

In addition to a wealth of general dental services, Dr. McKenna Gibson provides beautiful cosmetic dentistry and has had specialized training in dental implant restoration.

Every one of our patients comes to us with different needs, so every treatment plan is unique. If you have fallen behind in your dental care, there's no point in making you feel guilty about your past choices. Instead, we will meet you right where you are and work together to find solutions to restore your oral health and educate you so you can make better choices in the future. 

Dental Exams and Teeth Cleanings in Madison, ALClose up of family smiling in Madison

Preventive dentistry lays the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums, which is why we recommend two checkups and teeth cleanings each year. Most dentists recommend this schedule because it has been shown to reduce cavities and periodontal disease risks.

However, your dentist may recommend a more personalized treatment schedule for you if you have a diagnosis—periodontal disease or gingivitis, for example.

On average, we schedule your checkups and teeth cleanings every six months. You see your dentist for a comprehensive tooth and gum check, x-rays if needed, and an oral cancer screening at these visits. If your dentist can spot an emerging issue during your regular checkup, all the better. It means less invasive treatments to restore your oral health—saving you time and money.

At this visit, you’ll also see a dental hygienist for your teeth cleaning that is more comprehensive than regular brushing and flossing. Using special tools, the hygienist can remove stubborn plaque, tartar, and bacteria. As a result, your teeth cleaning can significantly lower your risks for conditions that lead to cavities and gum disease.

At this appointment, the hygienist can also answer any questions that you might have about your at-home routine.

We recommend implementing an excellent brushing and flossing routine at home between regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings. Brush your teeth twice daily or after every meal, and floss at least once. We can share nutrition advice to help you care for your smile as well.

Cavity Treatment in Madison

If your dentist finds any oral health issues during your preventive exam, we schedule treatments to restore your oral health. For example, if you have tooth decay, we either treat it on the same day with a tooth-colored filling or schedule you for a visit in the near future.

In some cases, you may have a deep root infection that requires root canal therapy. If your dentist catches this infection in its early stages, it saves you the pain of more severe infection—one that typically means a dental emergency in Madison, AL.

If your dentist finds gingivitis, they will recommend prompt treatment. It is always better to address gingivitis before gum disease develops because it can be reversed in the early stage. Periodontitis is merely treatable and requires multiple visits and specialized cleanings. In our dental office, we want to save you time and money. And we want you to enjoy a healthy and pain-free smile.

Man smiling at Madison, AL dentistWe Make Dental Visits Easy and Affordable

You're busy and have lots of obligations and responsibilities, so we want to make it as convenient as possible for you to get quality dentistry.

Gibson Dental is open Tuesday through Friday, starting at 7:00 AM so that you can schedule appointments before school or work. If you have several family members who need dental treatment, we'll be happy to work with you to arrange a group appointment.

If you have a dental emergency and aren't sure what to do, call us, and we'll see you as soon as possible to provide the relief you need.

We're in-network with numerous dental insurances, and you can find a full listing on our financial page. If you are uninsured, we offer an in-house discount plan to help you access the care you deserve. We also offer interest-free CareCredit financing that you can use for health and wellness treatments, including dentistry, vision, and cosmetic procedures.

We Look Forward to Welcoming You

If you would like to schedule your next dental appointment and teeth cleaning with us, please call our Madison dental office at (256) 724-3530. We look forward to showing you how uncomplicated excellent oral health care can be!

Our dentists, Drs. McKenna is happy to welcome patients and families from all locations, including our neighbors in Huntsville, Athens, and Decatur, AL.