Preventive Dentistry in Madison, AL

Family smiling after dentist appointment in MadisonThe goal of preventive dentistry is to provide your family with the care and routine monitoring you need to avoid problems and keep your smiles healthy.

When it comes to helping our Madison, AL families maintain excellent oral health, at Gibson Dental, we believe in being proactive rather than being reactive. Routine dental cleanings and exams allow us to find and treat problems early on, which helps your family avoid the discomfort of ongoing dental problems and enables you to save money on dental treatment over the long term.

Drs. McKenna wants to empower you to be the advocate for your oral health, and they provide the support and information you need to do so. We have a strong focus on patient education and recommending techniques and products to help people maintain optimal oral health.

Comprehensive Exams with Our Dentists

It’s common to have problems like cavities and gum disease without knowing that they exist, but they’re still damaging your oral health. When you stay current with your six-month dental exams, our dentists have the opportunity to find and treat these issues long before they do any long-term damage to your smile. Early treatment is not only better for your oral health, but it also helps you save on dental costs.

During your comprehensive examinations, Dr. McKenna will ask you if you are experiencing any problems or have noticed any changes in your teeth or gums. We will check and note the condition of each tooth and look for symptoms of periodontal disease like red, swollen, or bleeding gums. Every examination also includes an oral cancer screening.

Using intraoral cameras that display real-time images of your teeth, we can point out to you areas of concern to help you understand why they recommend a particular procedure. We’ll work together to develop a plan for treatment that addresses your unique situation in a way that fits your needs.

Our Skilled Hygienists Perform Gentle Teeth Cleanings in Madison

Teeth cleaning in Madison, ALDo you think you do a pretty good job of brushing and flossing and wonder why you still need regular professional dental cleanings? Your oral hygiene efforts are most effective when you follow them up with teeth cleanings with one of our skilled, experienced dental hygienists.

During your cleaning appointment, your hygienist removes plaque from areas your toothbrush can’t reach. Plaque that sits on your teeth turns into a hard, mineral-like substance called tartar or calculus. You cannot remove tartar with brushing and flossing alone, and only a trained hygienist can remove it using specialized instruments.

Gentle teeth cleanings at our Madison dental office are a simple step that allows us to find and treat problems early on, which usually results in more conservative treatment. If we find either gingivitis or periodontitis, you can be confident that we will tailor your treatment to fit your needs and provide guidance to help you get your oral health back on track.

For your convenience, we carry certain preventative products in our office to provide convenient, low-cost access to items that can be helpful for your specific needs. Examples of products are electric toothbrushes, prescription fluoride toothpaste, cavity prevention rinses, periodontal medications, etc.

Please Call to Schedule Your Next Appointment

If it’s time for your next dental exam and cleaning at our Madison dental office, please call us at (256) 724-3530 to schedule.