Orthodontics in Madison, Al

At Gibson Dental, we offer braces for patients of all ages who have crooked, crowded, or overlapped teeth. We would be happy to see you for an evaluation to discuss your options! 

Why Is Orthodontic Treatment Important?

Woman showing her adult braces Adults and children both benefit from orthodontic treatment in Madison, AL. Straight teeth are healthy teeth, and that’s true for patients of all ages.

For children, timely orthodontic treatment creates enough space in the jaw for permanent teeth to emerge in more favorable positions. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean, facilitate clear speech for your child, and helps them chew comfortably and speak clearly.

Adults enjoy the same oral health benefits of straighter teeth, as well as a smile that looks more harmonious and symmetrical. Many adults can benefit from Invisalign clear aligners, but some more complex orthodontic issues are best left to traditional braces.

Early Orthodontic Treatment for Kids

We like to see children for an orthodontic evaluation starting around age seven. At this age, kids have their first permanent molar, and its position helps our dentist predict their future treatment needs. 

Your child may not need braces at this age but might benefit from interceptive treatment, like space maintainers or palatal expanders that create room in the jaw for the rest of their permanent teeth to emerge in a straight position. In some cases, this early treatment eliminates the need for braces in the future or, at least, reduces the treatment time. 

If your older child or teen does need braces, they'll be happy to know that we also offer clear ceramic brackets as an alternative to metal for a more discreet appearance.

Adult Orthodontics in Madison, AL

Woman smiling after getting adult bracesTraditional braces are an effective option for many of our adult patients who have more complex orthodontic issues and wish to achieve a straighter smile. Aside from the aesthetic benefits of a more confident smile, straight teeth also help adults:

  • Chew, speak, and breathe properly
  • Minimize excessive dental wear
  • Balance your dental bite
  • Correct malocclusions
  • Alleviate headaches and TMJ pain

Our Madison dentist may also recommend traditional braces for adults as part of an overall smile makeover to create space for restorations like dental implants.

Are you worried that your braces will look conspicuous? You will be happy to know that, thanks to advances in dental materials, we can customize clear brackets that are less noticeable.

Do You or Your Child Need Traditional Braces?

The first step is to call Gibson Dental in Madison, AL so that we can perform a comprehensive exam and evaluation. We will explain our findings to you and help you decide if braces are right for you or your child.

Call us today to schedule a convenient appointment to get started.