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It's important to us that our patients have options when it comes to managing the cost of their dental treatment. CareCredit is third-party financing that we offer at Gibson Dental, so you have access to quality dentistry when you need it, even if you don't have the budget to cover the cost at the time of treatment.

Since CareCredit works like a credit card for healthcare needs, you can pay down the balance over several months (usually 6 or 12 months) by making smaller, more manageable payments. When you pay off the balance as agreed, CareCredit won't charge you any interest.

It's easy to apply for CareCredit, and their approval rates are high. You can apply online at and get an answer within minutes. If you prefer, a helpful member of our team will be happy to help you complete the application process here at our office. Once you are approved, you can continue to use CareCredit for future dental expenses, dermatology and cosmetic treatments, vision and hearing care, and veterinary care.

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