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How can I lower my kid’s risk for cavities?

Cavities occur in patients of all ages, but children may be especially susceptible for many reasons, including:

  • High sugar consumption
  • High acidic beverage consumption
  • Lackluster brushing and flossing

Your child’s dentist in Madison, AL may recommend a dental sealant if your child is particularly vulnerable to tooth decay. We can also provide a fluoride treatment to help strengthen teeth against cavities and other injuries.

Caring for Your Child’s Teeth

The best way to lower your child’s cavity risks is to bring them to the dentist every six months for checkups. In older children, this checkup will also include professional teeth cleaning.

Between dental visits, children need to brush and floss at least two times every day or after each meal. And never let your child go to bed for the night with debris on the teeth. During sleep, this becomes acidic and breaks down their enamel. Eventually, cavities form.

You should also monitor your child’s sugar, juice, and soda intake as they can be serious culprits for tooth decay.

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