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How long does a dental implant procedure take?

A dental implant procedure typically takes several months to complete, but patients should always consider the payoff. Dental implants are not like other tooth replacement options. They are almost like a smile do-over—replacing both your root and your lost tooth permanently.

After your dentist in Madison, AL approves you for implants, we schedule your implant surgery. On this day, we numb the treatment area and surgically implant your new tooth root. Over a period of months, this root integrates to bone and becomes a permanent part of your oral anatomy. When integration is final, your dentist caps your implant with a tooth crown.

If you have many missing teeth, ask your dentist about implant-supported dentures and other prosthetic options. Usually, we can secure a prosthetic with only a few dental implant roots.

Your new implant requires the same maintenance as your natural teeth—brush, floss, visit the dentist on schedule for checkups, and have your teeth professionally cleaned.

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