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Four Factors to Consider When You’re Looking for an Orthodontist

August 23, 2021
Posted By: Gibson Dental

Location Is Key 

The best orthodontist in the world does you no good if their office is too far away. The location should be the first way you narrow down possible orthodontists. It simplifies the process and allows you to look at a small handful of options. How far you might have to travel to find an orthodontist will vary depending upon your dental needs and location. If you don't find an orthodontist that suits your needs after reviewing your available options, you may have to consider traveling farther to get the care you need.

Consider the Types of Treatment They Offer Against What You Need

Most orthodontists are trained and equipped to provide a broad range of orthopedic services but may not have special treatment options like Invisalign. In addition, based on the orthodontist's experience and specialty, one might have much more experience in a particular treatment than another. 

When reviewing an orthodontist's website, be sure to investigate the services they offer before you decide it's the right orthodontist for you.

What Will It Cost and Will They Work with Your Insurance?

It's no secret that orthopedic procedures can be expensive. Ensuring that the orthodontist you want to see can accept your insurance is essential. If you do not have insurance, you will need to know if financing is an option.

How's Their Experience and Reputation?

You place a lot of trust in your orthodontist when you choose them to help you take care of your teeth or your children's teeth. Look for accreditation and continued learning. A good orthodontist gets better with age. Years of experience are a testament to their ability.

So is their reputation. Bad dental work can cause permanent damage to the teeth, jawbone, and gums. Improperly installed braces can rub and destroy the enamel on teeth, an unsteady hand can crack a tooth, an inexperienced dentist can start drilling on the wrong tooth, the list of ways it can go wrong goes on.

A dentist with a solid reputation known to produce the desired outcome predictably is better than a dentist with a spotty reputation and lower prices every time.

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